Waterloo Fees


Waterloo Fees

Enrollment Fees:

$35 per family (Fee is Non Refundable) Fee does not insure a slot at CYC. Once an opening is available, to hold a slot at CYC, you must pay 1/2 the weekly fee(s) as per age group(s) shown until you start care. 

10% Discount on 2nd & additional enrolled children in same family.  This applies to Full Time Enrollment ONLY.

Fees Payable:

Fees are payable on Friday, prior to the   start of the next week, and no later than Monday of the current week.

A $10 Late Payment Fee if paid After Monday of current week. Weekly fees are payable whether child is at CYC 1 to 5 days. If child is out all week, 1/2 of the weekly fee is due. If CYC is closed MORE than 1 day in a given week, deduct 1 day's fee.

Late Pick Up Fees:

If child(ren) is/are picked up between 6:01 p.m. and 6:15 p.m., late fee is $12 per child. OR $18 per family.  If child(ren) is/are picked up after 6:15 p.m., add $1.00 for each minute late PER CHILD to above time. 

Return Check Information

1st Time - $25.00 NSF fee, plus NSF check amount. 
2nd Time - $25.00 NSF fee, plus NSF check amount, and future payments payable in cash or money order.

Notice of Leaving CYC:

Families are required to give one week's notice of leaving. If proper notice is not given, family is responsible for payment of weekly fees.