child programs



In addition to daily activities that children participate in, CYC also provides a highly regarded PreSchool Education Program for 3's, 4's and 5's not in school, during the School Year.  In these sessions that are 1 and a half hour long,  children are learning the basics of development and educational practices readying them for Kindergarten.  Sessions are typically Tues/Thur (3 year olds), and Mon/Wed/Fri (4 & 5 year olds).  There IS NO ADDITIONAL FEE!


During the School Year, school age children are at the Center Before & After School.  When they come in from School in the afternoons, they have snack, bathroom & clean up time, and then they either play (indoor or outdoors weather permitting), which includes, sand play, swings, basketball, soccer, kickball, tether ball, play equipment, board games, video game, blocks time, Ronny's Pizza Shop & Store, as well as other toys that are available.  Children can also do their homework.  Activities are individual and/or in groups!


During the summer months, field trips may include, skating, swimming, laser tag, go to park, individual & group games, miniature golf, going to the movies and other activities.  Field Trips are extra, and fee will include admission fees, any snacks that are available and transportation costs.


Children are transported in a CYC 15 passenger Bus for Summer Field Trips.

During the School Year, School Age Children are transported in buses to/from School(s) provided by the Waterloo Public School District.


If my child misses a day or more, is their a deduction in fee?

No, as our Staff are still working, and on going costs keep occurring.

Exception:  Out All week, pay 1/2 Weekly Fee and if CYC closed more than 1 day in a given week, deduct one day from weekly fee.